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BACK    SouthWest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge

Ft. Myers Florida

November 15/16,  2003

Presented by Fort Myers Toyota




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Entries & Schedule Information


Three Oaks Community Park, Fort Myers, Fl  

Home of  the

 San Carlos Park Scorpion Soccer Club


ages 5 to adult

entry fee $140/team

($130 before Nov 5)

up to 6 players per roster

minimum 3 games per team

All Players will receive official tournament T-shirt


Frequently Asked Questions

 Guest Players


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 Welcome to the SouthWest Florida 3v3 Super Challenge - November 15/16, 2003, in San Carlos Park Florida!

We are looking forward to a great tournament.  We want to make sure every team that has entered knows exactly what they need to do to be ready to have a great experience at the 3v3 Super Challenge.  Here are some important points for you to be aware of : 


<> KICK OFF PARTY and CHECK-IN is Friday night Nov 14 (5pm to 7pm) at King Richards Amusement Park, where you will present credentials and receive t-shirts for each player on the team. King Richards is located at 6780 N. Airport Road in Naples (239 598-2040).  Click here for a Yahoo map showing King Richards as a red star


1)    If you  need  to change your roster from the one that was submitted as your application you must bring a final application/roster to check-in.

You can find a printable version, on the Challenge Sports web site at...


2)  Make sure to bring PROOF OF AGE for each player to team check-in. (such as player passes,  copy of birth certificate, drivers license, etc.)


<>  SCHEDULES (at least the first game of each team) will be posted on the Challenge Sports Web Site on Thursday evening, Nov 13.


<>  MEDICAL RELEASE forms - You will not be required to present medical release forms at any time during the tournament.  However, Medical Release forms are important if a player under the age of 18, is injured and requires medical treatment and a parent or guardian will not be present to authorize treatment by a physician.  You can find the form on the web at


<> BALL - Each Team is required to bring a game BALL The home teamís ball will be used as the game ball.  U6-U8 use size 3, U9-U12 use size 4 while U13 and older use size 5


<>  QUALIFYING  for the  3v3 Challenge Nationals, summer 2004 in Florida and the 3on3 Live Nationals, January 2004 in Las Vegas Nevada


We look forward to seeing you at the Super Challenge!




Al Genchi

Challenge Sports
Web Site -   
Email -   
(321) 676-1373

Guest Players

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Here are answers to some of the questions you may have
Q - Can a goal be scored from anyplace on the field ?
A - NO,  it must be last touched in the OFFENSIVE half of the field.
Q - Who has to be at Check-in?
A - A representative from each team with the proof of age for each player .  The whole team can come to enjoy being with a big group of soccer folks at King Richard's Amusement Park, but only 1 person is required for each team 
Q - Are numbers required on Uniform Jerseys?
A - No, numbers are not required.  Each team is to bring a light and dark jersey in case of color conflicts, but numbers are not required

Q - Can I change my roster after I send it in

A - Yes, you can bring a completely new set of players (as long as they are the right age and skill level for the team you entered.  Just print another application, fill it out completely and bring to check-in
Q - How many games are we guaranteed?
A - At least 4 possibly 5 and maybe 6 for divisions with a lot of teams
Q - Can I challenge the age of a player during the weekend.
A - We try to be thorough in check in, but if you feel there is an ineligible player on a team, just let us Know at the Site Headquarters tent and we will look into it.  For that reason, we ask all youth players to have their proof of age available during the weekend.
Q - How do I get to King Richard's Check-in and to the fields (we do have quite a few teams traveling a long way to play)
A - We have links on our web site showing the location of both King Richards and and Three Oaks Park. 
Q - When will schedules be available
A- Our plan is to publish at least the first game for each team Thursday night.
Q- Can we still enter teams?
A - Yes, we we will be able ot accept teams in most age groups until 5PM Tuesday Nov 11tries, entries are now closed.  Go to  for more information and to apply online.
Q - Is there a hotel close to the fields for those of us who are coming a long way?
A- We have 3 hotels list on our Web site at


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